Can You Prevent Diabetes?


Can You Prevent Diabetes?



It is important to firstly distinguish between the two main types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2. 


Type 1 Diabetes occurs when there is a complete lack of insulin production from the pancreas which requires insulin therapy.  I myself, have been a type 1 diabetic for over 25 years.


Type 2 diabetes occurs when there is a reduction in insulin production from the pancreas and/or there is a reduced insulin sensitivity which causes the insulin that is present to work less effectively increasing blood sugar (hyperglycemia). This type of diabetes usually occurs in adults and is associated with obesity and a family history and can be treated with diet and exercise, oral medications and sometimes insulin. Type 2 is increasing steadily, largely due to a poor diet, obesity, and physical inactivity.  Childhood obesity will have a huge impact on the development of Type 2 diabetes in the years to come.


Fortunately, it has been shown that for people at risk of developing diabetes, weight loss and moderate physical activity (as little as 30 minutes per day) can reduce the risk by up to 58%.So the good news is that for a large number of individuals, by making healthy lifestyle choices, the onset of Type 2 diabetes can be delayed or even prevented.


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