What is Pharmasave eCare?

Pharmasave eCare is an online application that allows you to keep of all of your medical information in one place. With your permission, your Pharmasave prescription information is automatically sent to your Pharmasave eCare account. You can keep track of your medications, order refills, and find out more about the pharmacy services you are eligible for based on the medications you are taking and the health conditions you have.

You can send yourself reminders about your medical appointments, vaccines, medical history, prescriptions or over the counter (OTC) medications, and also keep all of your health care contact information in one convenient spot.

How does this benefit YOU?

- Store and view your health information in one convenient place

- View your medication history online

- Easily request prescription refills

- Set email reminders for vaccines, appointments and rx refills

- Receive alerts to opportunities where you can benefit from professional pharmacy services

- Request professional services from your pharmacy

- Pharmacists are alerted to contact patients who become eligible for services


Ordering prescriptions online


How do I order a prescription refill from my Pharmasave eCare account?

Ordering a refill has never been simpler. In the My Medication section, you will see which prescriptions you can refill and how many refills are available for each. To order a refill, click the refill button. That's it.

What happens when I request a refill?

The refill request will be sent directly to your Live Well Pharmacist. Your prescription will be filled during normal business hours. Please allow 24 hours for your order to be completed and ready for pickup.

Who can access my account?

Only the members of your Pharmasave pharmacy team that you approve can view your account. In the Settings section, you can grant viewing permission to any, all, or none of your Pharmasave pharmacy staff.

What access does my pharmacist have to my account?

By default, your Live Well Pharmacist can view all of the information you enter into Pharmasave eCare. This helps your pharmacist better advise you and recommend services suited to your condition.

You can choose not to share your information with your pharmacist. You can turn permission on or off by store and by individual pharmacy staff in the Settings section.

Please note that Pharmasave eCare is a new service separate from your pharmacy's computer systems. Removing permission for pharmacy staff to see your information on eCare will not affect their ability to see information stored on pharmacy computers. If you have any concerns, please contact your pharmacy directly.

If you have added more than one Pharmasave pharmacy to your eCare account, each store's pharmacist will only be able to see the prescriptions from their store, plus anything you have entered manually. They are not able to view medications from other Pharmasave pharmacies

How can I get my medications to appear in the My Medications section?

You must give your Pharmasave pharmacy permission to send your medication record to your password-protected Pharmasave eCare account. Only your Live Well Pharmacists and you have access to this information. Once you complete the activation process on eCare, your medication information will be transferred.


For more information on how you can benefit from Pharmasave eCare, please contact one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff at anytime.  We are happy to help.




Pharmasave eCare.  It’s all about YOU!